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Need training on a speed-timing device?

YIS/Cowden Group, Inc. offers full training for V-SPEC, VASCAR, Tracker, ENRADD, ESP, Speedchek and Stopwatches


Give us a call. The training coordinator will get you to the nearest class or schedule a class at your station.

Upon successful completion of the training course the officer will be issued a signed training certificate.

Dates and Registration


YIS/Cowden Group, Inc. - Industrial Calibration, Police Speed Timing, and Engineering Services. V-SPEC, VASCAR, TRACKER, ENRADD, ESP, SPEEDCHEK, SPEEDOMETERS, RADAR and STOP WATCHES.

Training held throughout Pennsylvania
Call or email for training near you.

Phone 570-494-1150
Fax 570-494-1021

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